Mode:CW, SSB
 Bands:160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
 Classes:(Band:All/Single/High/Low)(Antenna: 1-element/multi-element)
 Exchange:ARCI: RS(T) + (state/province/country) + ARCI No.
non-ARCI: RS(T) + (state/province/country) + power out
 Work stations:Once per band per mode
 QSO Points:5 points per QSO with ARCI member
4 points per non-member QSO with different continent
2 points per non-member QSO with same continent
Bonus: 5000 points if you operate portable using battery power and a temporary antenna
 Multipliers:Each state, VE province or country once per band per mode
Power Mult: (see rules)
 Score Calculation:Total score = (total QSO points x SPC mults x power mult) + bonus points
 E-mail logs to:contest[at]qrparci[dot]org
 Mail logs to:QRP ARCI Shootout
c/o Jeff Hetherington
139 Elizabeth St. W.
Ontario L3C 4M3
 Find rules at:http://www.qrparci.org/contests/qrp-arci-contests/127-qrp-shoot-out

 Future Dates
 (contest is inactive)
 Historical Dates
 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 13 (CW) and 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 14 (SSB), 2015
 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 14 (CW) and 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 15 (SSB), 2014
 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 15 (CW) and 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 16 (SSB), 2013
 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 16 (CW) and 1500Z-2100Z, Jun 17 (SSB), 2012