World Wide Iron Ham Contest
 Mode:CW, Phone, RTTY
 Bands:80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
 Classes:Single Op All Band
Multi-Operator Two Transmitter
 Max operating hours:8 hours per mode in periods no shorter than one hour each
 Max power:1500 watts
 Exchange:RS(T) + CQ Zone
 Work stations:Once per mode per band
 QSO Points:1 point QSO with same DXCC entity
2 points per QSO with same continent, different DXCC entity
3 points per QSO with different continent
 Multipliers:Each DXCC entity once per mode
Each CQ zone once per mode
 Score Calculation:Total score = sum of mode scores (total QSO mode points x total mode mults)
 E-mail logs to:wwih[at]araucariadx[dot]com
 Mail logs to:(none)
 Find rules at:

 Future Dates
 (contest is inactive)
 Historical Dates
 1200Z, Dec 27 to 1159Z, Dec 28, 2014
 1200Z, Dec 28 to 1159Z, Dec 29, 2013
 1200Z, Dec 29 to 1159Z, Dec 30, 2012